manzana infundida

October 2018.

We are pleased to informm that the first containers of our new line of products have already been shippped to Europe. With the the clear goal of diversifying our range of products Agrocepia invested resources in research and development of infused fruits. The infused blueberry has already been launched and we announce to our customers that other products will be available soon.

infused apple

Agrocepia has added a new line of products to its range. We are glad to inform that since end of 2016 we have developed a category of infused fruits. The first stage includes fruits like blueberries, apples and cherries and we are already working on other fruits to add in the near future.

This is part of of an important growth strategy for our company in order to increase market share and become a more diversified supplier for all our current and potential customers.

Agrocepia has expanded its product line of IQF fruits in order to include cultivated blackberries so currently we are able to produce four different fruits. We invite our existing customers and business prospects to contact our sales staff in order to get more information.

Agrocepia was present at IFT 2016. We want to thank to all our customers and potential buyers that visited our booth. The reasons to attend this show are relevant to our company as this is visited by more than 20,000 food professionals from more than 80 countries. It was possible to meet with our current customers, people in charge of R & D and marketing area so this is a good platform for new business opportunities. The promotion was mainly oriented to strengthen our current product lines with special emphasis on the IQF fruits.

ANUGA is a very exclusive event and a very important platform for international food exporters and importers. Given the importance of this fair, Agrocepia has been regularly participating in this exhibition.

In the 2015 version our company was specially focused on the IQF fruits we are promoting as well as our traditional items related to the dehydrated fruits. It was a good opportunity to meet with our currents customers and discuss with potential contacts the best way to participate in their existing business as well as future projects.

Agrocepia attended Anuga exhibition 2011 in Cologne , the worlds leading food fair for the retail and food service. More than 6,000 exhibitors were present and the number of visitors has been estimated over 155,000.

For Agrocepia this fair has been a very powerful and professional business platform in order to monitor the trends of the market as well as the potential products of interest to the customers.

This version of Anuga has been very succesful for the company since most of the objectives were fulfilled in relation to the type of information obtained during the meetings, market conditions about our core business and important discussions with existing and potential customers. Our new retail line of products, based on dehydrated apple, has been shown to the customers causing great interest and suggesting new ideas in regards to presentations and variety of products.

Every year in Nrnberg exhibition center the global sector for organic food, cosmetics and eco-textiles meets to discuss new ideas, see existing and potential customers and learn together on how to protect the planet through sustainable methods.

Agrocepia was there for the first time this year in order to introduce the new line of organic products that has been developed. Enthusiastic visitors were present at the booth, tasted the products and this was the fist step for a promissing future business.

It was a great and succesful experience to learn about creative and innovative concepts on food safety, healthy food trends and environmental care.

We hope to meet again with our customers and new visitors and clients in the next Biofach 2012!.

Agrocepia USA participated the first time and with great success in that amazing ibie show 2010 in las vegas. we were one of over 700 industry suppliers that showed their products to about 20,000 attendees gathering here in the convention center. Nearly 30 percent of buyers from outside the us gave the show the typical international flair. with many thanks to all our customers as well as the new contacts that visited us on our booth we hope to see you again on one of the next events in 2011.

Agrocepia again successfully participated in the 2010 edition of SIAL Paris, this time the programming of the show was affected by strikes on the transport, however the quality of the visits as well as that of our regularcustomers have made this fair a great opportunity to further develop and diversify our global market presence.